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An Animated Life: a trip through professional Italian animation

This event will be held in English language. Three stars from the world of professional animation will share their work and career in a celebration of the Italian contribution to this global field. Sarah Arduini, character animator at Industrial Light and Magic in London will share her insights from inside the blockbuster studio system; Virgilio Villoresi, joining us from Milan, will share his experience making stop-motion animation for high-end clients, and Cesare Davolio, an illustrator and animator based in Rotterdam will shed light on the balance between designing for print, animating, and teaching. Each presentation will be followed by questions, with a reception afterwards. This event is organized by the Italian Professionals Netherlands group and presented by the Italian Cultural Institute.

Free real Italian food at the end of the presentation!
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Sarah Arduini:

Sarah is a digital 3D character and visual effects animator, and has worked on films such as Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi, The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Her journey has taken her from the Rainbow CGI studio in Rome to the VFX department of Walt Disney’s Industrial Light and Magic.

Cesare Davolio:

Cesare is an Italian illustrator and animator based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He has worked for a variety of clients on animated documentaries, editorial illustrations, animated titles and children’s TV series. The combination of cultural and commercial commissions inspires, in turn, his personal work. Currently, he is a tutor of Illustration/Animation at the Willem de Kooning Academy of Art and Design in Rotterdam.

Place: Italian Institute of Culture, Amsterdam

Date and Time: 25 November 2017 from 15:00 to 17:00


Virgilio Villoresi:

Virgilio is a successful independent stop-motion animator who has made his name in advertising, with spots for brands like Valentino, Moleskine, Vogue and Sammontana. His individual style is inspired by pre-cinema illusions, and is reminiscent of the work of the filmmaker Georges Méliès.