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Growing an online business from zero to six figures

22 May, 19:00h at Mixtree, including “Aperitivo siciliano”
Schipluidenlaan 12, 1062 HE Amsterdam
Sicilian specialties buffet from VicioMastropastaio

Cost: 10 eur (PIN only) for the Sicilian buffet
(drink excluded) – For buffet details, see later on this page.

The two speakers of the event will be:

Matteo Manferdini, a software developer turned entrepreneur, CEO of Pure Creek

Hilal Ercin, an aerospace engineer turned R&D and innovation engineer

In the past years, Matteo moved from a 5-to-9 job to freelance consulting, to finally being the CEO of a fast-growing online business.  

During the event, he will share his experience and insights, offering suggestions and helping you answer the following key questions:

  • What kind of business should you start?
  • Where do you find your customers?
  • How do you attract them to your website?
  • What should you sell? And how?
  • How much should you charge?

Matteo says: “Even though everybody says that there are no barriers, that’s not true. While nowadays it is simple and inexpensive to create a website, the usual problems a business faces still remain. In my presentation, I will show you the steps I followed to grow my online business from working on it just a few hours per week, to a six-figures and growing business”. Watch his teaser-video here.


An example of Sicilian buffet by VicioMastropastaio

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