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IPN main promoter of the videoclip “As We Are Lying” by Andrea Maddalena

Première held on 26 October 2022 – PHOTO GALLERY
Skimming Water, Italian Embassy in The Hague, Italian Institute of Culture Amsterdam, Central Museum Utrecht, Korego Theatre Group Amsterdam Convive, Tanteitalie, and PEG International – presented the special preview screening and completion celebration of the music video “As We Are Lying” followed by a concert by the artist Skimming Water (Andrea Maddalena). The première event was hosted by the Zimihc Stefanus Theater in Utrecht.

The Italian Embassy in The Hague and the Italian Institute of Culture (IIC) in Amsterdam sponsored this event together with Monkeyshoot Studios, Skimming Water and IPN. the Director of the IIC Paola Cordone was present.

Join us in celebrating the completion of the music video, dedicated to Ingmar Sauer, who died prematurely in 2021, during the shooting.

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We look forward to receiving your feedback for “As We Are Lying” music video.

Monkeyshoot Studios, Italian Professionals Netherlands, Skimming Water


Italian Professionals Netherlands, the main promoter and initiator of this project, sends to all partners and collaborators the gratitude and the greatest appreciation for the work developed. The music video was originated from an idea of Vincenzo Toscani and Andrea Maddalena, who developed the concept.


“As We Are Lying” music video is the latest Monkeyshoot Studios production directed by Matt Jaems, and it is based on a song by Andrea Maddalena, alias Skimming Water, a widely appreciated multifaceted artist, performing live in many popular music venues in The Netherlands.

The song is inspired by the painting “De Koppelaarster”, from the caravaggist painter Gerard van Honthorst, visible in the Utrecht Central Museum where some of the scenes of the video were actually shot.  Carmelinda Gentile, Director of Korego Theater Group Amsterdam, actively collaborated to the project. The music video is starring Italian, Dutch and English actors, in a multicultural collaboration.