Eventi IPN

Growing an online business from zero to six figures


22 May 2019, 19:00h at Mixtree, including “Aperitivo siciliano”
Schipluidenlaan 12, 1062 HE Amsterdam

Sicilian specialties buffet from VicioMastropastaio

For buffet details, see later on this page.

The two speakers of the event were:

Matteo Manferdini, a software developer turned entrepreneur, CEO of Pure Creek

Hilal Ercin, an aerospace engineer turned R&D and innovation engineer

In the past years, Matteo moved from a 5-to-9 job to freelance consulting, to finally being the CEO of a fast-growing online business.  

During the event, he will share his experience and insights, offering suggestions and helping you answer the following key questions:

  • What kind of business should you start?
  • Where do you find your customers?
  • How do you attract them to your website?
  • What should you sell? And how?
  • How much should you charge?

Matteo says: “Even though everybody says that there are no barriers, that’s not true. While nowadays it is simple and inexpensive to create a website, the usual problems a business faces still remain. In my presentation, I will show you the steps I followed to grow my online business from working on it just a few hours per week, to a six-figures and growing business”. Watch his teaser-video here.


An example of Sicilian buffet by VicioMastropastaio


Matteo will be followed by Hilal Ercin, who will share a genuine story of an expat able to make an exciting career shift in The Netherlands.

After working in three different countries (Turkey, Portugal, The Netherlands) for top scale projects within industry, research and consultancy areas, Hilal recently made a successful career shift, which led her to new role(s) allowing to merge her background, drive and enthusiasm for technology and innovation with her dynamic personality and people skills. Watch her teaser-video video here.

Hilal says: “If you’re a professional with a shiny CV, regular income and permanent contract but at times you wonder if you are in the right place or could do better doing something different, in my presentation I will tell you how I changed my career path and will help you find that role out there that could really fulfil your personality and better meet your aspirations”.



The event will take place in the space kindly offered by MixTree, a cultural association. See all info about Mixtree on their website http://www.mixtree.org/

There will be a buffet tasting-dinner offered at the democratic cost of only 10 eur by our friend VicioMastropastaio https://vicioilmastropastaio.com


What is included in the entry ticket:

– a rich Sicilian buffet including big rice Sicilian “Arancine” will wait for you at the entrance

(this buffet is suitable for our vegetarian and vegan friends too, if you have allergies, please ask the chef before eating)

– at 20:30 an unmissable tasting of fresh pasta with tomato


Not included in the entry ticket, but still available at the bar:

– Cannoli, Cassate and other typical Sicilian sweets

– Wine, beer and fresh drinks


To help Vicio to determine the necessary food supply, please confirm your participation as soon as possible sending an email to ipn.eventi@gmail.com with subject: Mixtree2

before the 18th of May, thanks!


Vicio il mastropastaio is a company created by two suave Sicilian gentlemen, Vicio from Partinico, (Palermo) & Simone from Agrigento, who since 2015 promote the real Sicilian gastronomy in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam, offering catering and private chef services, private events / dinners/ aperitif, workshops, fresh pasta.


Thanks to Hilal Ercin, Matteo Manferdini, Susanna Pasqualini and the Viciomastropastaio team, for the collaboration.

So, join us on 22 May to discover how to make a successful change in your life!