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Hackers and Your Business: Why You Should Care about Cybersecurity

Cari Amici,

Siamo orgogliosi di presentarvi un nuovo appuntamento con i professionisti italiani del gruppo IPN. Un evento davvero interessante che si svolgerà grazie alla collaborazione con la Business School Luiss, in particolare con la sede olandese di Luiss che ospiterà questo incontro nei suoi locali di Amsterdam, il prossimo 31 Gennaio. L’incontro si svolgerà in inglese e prevede la partecipazione di professionisti nel campo della Cybersecurity di altissimo livello. In basso trovate la descrizione completa dell’evento.

Alla fine delle presentazioni ci sarà un rinfresco/drink e la possibilità di confrontarsi ulteriormente con panelist e partecipanti.  I posti sono limitati; per partecipare, inviate un messaggio email a con subject “Cyber”, specificando il numero di persone che parteciperanno. 

EVENTO IPN / LUISS: Wednesday 31 January at 18:30, Luiss Business School Amsterdam

Nieuwe Herengracht 103 – 1011 RZ Amsterdam

Hackers and Your Business:

Why You Should Care about Cybersecurity

Luiss Business School Amsterdam and Italian Professionals Netherlands (IPN) will host an event on cybersecurity awareness and preparedness at the Amsterdam Hub. Subject-matter experts will take the stage to share empowering ways for your organization to navigate the ever-growing cyber landscape.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, cybersecurity has become a paramount concern for businesses of all sizes. Join us for an insightful event, as we delve into the intricacies of cybersecurity, exploring its impact on organizations and the role of individuals in safeguarding data.

This event is invitation-based only, with limited seating.


– 18:30 Opening / Introduction (IPN / LUISS)

– 18:40 Presentations:

  • Naomi Levi: Introduction to Cybersecurity. From the Worm to AI
    A brief excursus through the evolution of Cybersecurity, from its early origins until today.
  • Raffaele Maresca: How to manage Cybersecurity in big organizations and why individuals are still the most important factor against cyber threats.”
    Cybersecurity is no longer just about fending off hackers; it’s about safeguarding the entire business from a multitude of risks. From protecting sensitive data to ensuring compliance, cybersecurity has become an intricate tapestry that demands the attention of the entire organization where every individual plays an important role.
    This presentation unveils the complexities of cybersecurity for big organizations operating in a global market and shows the strategy for its effective management.
  • Mario Procopio: “Can Cybersecurity actually reduce cost or improve business growth. Myth or truth?”
    Can a smart implementation of security processes actually help reduce enterprise costs, instead of being an overhead? We will discuss some use cases to highlight where that can actually be true.

– 20:00 Q&A / Conclusions

– 20:15 Networking / Drink

– 21:30 End

Speakers’ biography:

Raffaele Maresca is Global CISO at AkzoNobel, the paints and coatings leader which operates in over 150 countries. He has global responsibility for the firm’s vision, strategy, and roadmap for cybersecurity and compliance. His role involves ensuring the optimal balance between minimizing risks and realizing business value. Raffaele has 20+ years experience in cybersecurity in different markets and industries. Prior to his current role he held senior security positions at Perfetti Van Melle, Arcadis, Verint Systems and Telecom Italia. He holds a Masters in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Naples Federico II.

Naomi Levi is the Cybersecurity Director of Pro CISO®, with a rich experience as CISO, having served for various renowned organizations, both within their internal leadership teams and presently, as a virtual CISO within her current company. Blending both internal management and consulting, she emerges as a dynamic leader, showcasing profound expertise in instigating change and supporting IT transformations. Naomi has an extensive background in building security culture, bringing with her the knowledge and the energy it takes to build bridges, integrate, and foster cybersecurity in organizations across diverse industries.


Mario Procopio is the Managing Director of Pro CISO®, with over 25 years of CISO experience in multinational enterprises. He possesses a combination of technical, legal, and soft skills that have allowed him to build cybersecurity teams with the mission of protecting enterprises while enabling their digital transformations.  Mario has a technical background, but also holds a degree in law and an MBA, that facilitate the complex task of addressing normative and business requirements into technical specifications. He holds CISSP, CCSP, CISM and ISO certifications in the fields of Information Security, Risk Management, Business Continuity and Supply Chain security.