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Marine Engineering and Research Symposium + IPN drink, 19 May 2017

Italian Professionals Netherland presents:

Competence and creativity as an added value in the marine engineering and research fields in The Netherlands.

Language: English – Cost: free of charge.

TU Delft university hosted an IPN Symposium that could demonstrate the added value of the Italian creativity and professionality in the marine engineering and research fields. On 19 May at 17:00 we met at Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering Department of TU Delft – address: Mekelweg 2, 2628 CD Delft – to watch few interesting presentations. PHOTO GALLERY

The Symposium was followed by a networking drink that took place at the bar located at the ground floor of the same building.

Thanks to all participants, speakers and organisers, especially to: Sandra Braida, Marco Bovio, Valerio Minorenti, Marco Meinardi, Lina Silva, Fabio Sebastiano, Lorenzo Pedalà, Claudia Cesaroni, Michael Hadjitheodosiou for the collaboration. For more information, feel free to send us an email: italianprofessionals@gmail.com


17:00 – Welcome and Opening Remarks

Key Speakers:

Ing. Enrico Della Valentina – MARIN Institute

The mission of the MAritime Research Institute of the Netherlands (MARIN) is to assist the industry designing more efficient, safe and smart ships and operations at sea. The presentation will list the facilities of the institute and which role is covered by the Italian Professionals at MARIN.

The main topic of the presentation is going to be the comfort on board: comfort is a paramount aspect in the design process of yachts. The most modern definition of hydrodynamic comfort and relevant criteria will be presented. 

Ing. Marco Bovio – Senior Research Hydromechanics Engineer, Damen Shipyards

Marco is a Senior Research Engineer at Damen Shipyards within the Hydromechanics department. Responsible of validating, implementing and standardizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology in order to improve the performance predictions of all the vessels in the company portfolio.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical analysis and data structures to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. CFD technology is covering a major role within several research and industrial environments when it comes to simulate system performances or carry out studies of troubleshooting nature. 

Dr. Valerio Minorenti – Senior Geophysicist, Fugro Survey B.V.

Marine site characterization of large wind farm sites: a case study from The Netherlands.

An essential part of reducing geotechnical risk in any offshore development is the delivery of an appropriate geological/geotechnical model for the site. This presentation presents the results from the geophysical and geotechnical investigation at the Borselle Wind Farm Zone performed between May and June 2015 using the survey vessel MV Pioneer. 

Ing. Marco Meinardi – Naval Architect, Oceanco

Marco will focus his presentation on big yachts, how they are designed and built. He will also cover the organization of a specialized company like Oceanco, providing key insights into his company’s vision and strategic objectives.

Sandra Braida – Owner at Foto Studio Braida

Sandra will reflect on the importance of Imaging and Marketing to better express the value of the final product through a professional photo shoot at sea.

19:00 – Drink & Networking Opportunity

Drink at Lagerhusch bar at the ground floor of the same building