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Workshop “Performance in business: applied theatre techniques in a corporate environment” – Den Haag, 18 Gennaio 2015

ipneventoWorkshop gratuito offertoci gratuitamente da Fleur de Lima in cui impareremo tecniche di psicodramma e teatrali da applicare nell’ambiente lavorativo, sia in qualita’ di dipendenti che di managers.

Il workshop si terrà domenica 18 gennaio in Raamweg 47, Den Haag e durerà due ore (dalle 15 alle 17).

Il workshop sarà tenuto in lingua inglese.

Di seguito i dettagli del workshop

PERFORMANCE IN BUSINESS: Applied theatre techniques in a corporate environment

The approach is a combination of business, psychology and applied theatre techniques.

• enabling shifts in personal impact and communication style

• training flexibility, confidence and resilience

• fierce awareness of honesty, physical energy and daring

TASTER EXPERIENCE: Storytelling event


knowledge share, including questions taster experience


Fleur de Lima

Certified Management Consultant®, Psychologist, trained at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art -RADA in the UK and immersed herself in Stanislavski-Strasberg techniques: Method Acting for theatre and film in the US.
Fleur’s work focuses on the role of communication in human behaviour and the translation of this knowledge to enhance communication competency and strategy among professionals in varying contexts; working on overall performance by using creative skills and techniques for people in business. Her recent theatre production is: Shakespeare’s Babylon – a multilingual performance, which she directed/adapted and produced by TAT Company. In this production Fleur adapted Macbeth, Antony & Cleopatra and Titus Andronicus into one play, using 5 different languages.

For more information: www.tatcompany.nl